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17th of August 2005 - Border Roads Requirements

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17th of August 2005



Dear Sir,

The LibDem/Labour coalition really needs to be more consistent and focussed when it comes to its transport policies. They are making a few wasteful concessions to the Rail Transport lobby whilst continuing to grossly underfund our strategic road system.

What the Borders really needs is not a Toytown Tramway built on a Victorian Railway, but a modern four lane motorway (with the possibility of future expansion to six lane) running from the Edinburgh City Bypass via Galashiels and Hawick and joining the M74 near Carlisle. A connecting dual carriageway along the Tweed through other centres of population would also be desireable.

This would bring untold financial benefits to the Borders with all the new commuter housing, factories and even call centres which would inevitably follow as the area was finally properly linked up with the rest of the country.

NIMBY types will moan at destruction of the environment, but, as any real Borderer will tell you, the area is of no great scenic value and economic development and full employment is much more important than a few bits of greenery.


John Eoin Douglas

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