Saturday, July 25, 2009

25th of July 2009 - Bad Parking

7 Spey Terrace

Telephone: 0131-550 0895

25th of July 2009



Dear Sir,


For many years, I have been astonished at the toleration afforded to bad parking in Gayfield Square adjacent to Edinburgh's busiest police station. Now I know why.

Recently, many previously unmarked vehicles have started to display "Police" signs and it is they who are the worst offenders: parking on corners, parking several feet from the kerb, parking on double yellow lines, double parking, obstructing crossings and many other practices for which the ordinary motorist would quite rightly finish up in court.

The police station has a capacious car park which could be used for these vehicles but it is often virtually empty largely because of the spaces reserved for the private vehicles of senior officers who should really be encouraged to use public transport.

In any case, surely "plain clothes" vehicles should be kept in discreet undercover accommodation? I am informed that members of the criminal fraternity often take a walk around the square in order to note registration numbers which rather defeats the purpose of using unmarked cars.


John Eoin Douglas


  1. What does capacious mean ? I might have to charge you with being in possession of an unauthorised word.

  2. On the 1st of the month, my new tax disc hadn't yet arrived - although it had been paid for with the DVLA one week earlier. Didn't stop lothian & borders police issuing me a fixed penalty for non-display of a valid tax disc - at 7.57am on the 1st of the month.There were a string of vehicles all around the Easter Road, Hillside, and Broughton area all the same ticket (this was the early morning on the 1st day of the month, when presumably a few people have paid tax discs stuck in the post or are yet to stick them on the vehicle- not half-way through the month).
    As I pay for my road-tax and the council for my parking permit, I confronted a traffic-warden. He said he sees this quite alot on the 1st day of every month, and joked Lothian and Borders police must be on some-kind of community alienation exercise.
    It certainly worked.
    The charge is not displaying a valid permit - so it matters not if you've bothered to pay your tax or not - but the DVLA give you a few days grace to allow for postal delays, etc. Not that Lothian and Borders polis are arsed about this fact.