Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19th of November 2014 - Hill View

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19th of November 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Scottish Parliament is to be congratulated on passing anti-alcohol legislation to reduce the blood/alcohol limit for motorists thereby significantly reducing deaths and injuries on our roads. This has been done in the face of considerable opposition from the alcohol trade.
It is now time for them to address the annual carnage of hillwalkers and mountaineers in the hills of Scotland. Whilst a blanket ban on such activities might inconvenience a few people and businesses, gallivanting around the more elevated portions of our countryside is no more necessary than drinking and driving and its abolition would save many more lives.

John Eoin Douglas


  1. Extraordinarily novel, fresh and utterly misguided suggestion.

  2. Keep taking the drugs fella !

  3. He is no more necessary than drinking and driving and should be abolished.

  4. What a retard. Best not cross any roads or drive your car John - think of the annual carnage !

  5. I'll not be driving over the new limit as I'll stick to one pint as per Mr MacAskill's recommendations.
    Now about this carnage pish?

  6. Just ignore him. Another attention seeker spouting verbal diarrhoea.

  7. Hi John,

    It appears you know little about the countryside and mountains and any facts about it. Possibly you are attention seeking or something? As someone has already suggested.

    Are you completely oblivious to the benefits of outdoor recreation to folks health and well being mentally and physically for young and old. Also the mass tourist industry in the highlands that benefits people from the outdoor instructors, land owners, shop keepers, B and B's, Hotels, Butchers, restaurant, joiners, builders, all the folk who staff these places etc etc.

    I believe in any study ever done the unfortunate and hugely rare mishaps in the outdoors are massively massively out weighed by the benefits of being in the mountains for people.

    Drink driving on the other hand has no benefits to anyone as you say.

    I'm very disappointed your article made it to the Sunday post as you will influence some people without the facts to your unfortunate view. I can't say strongly enough how disappointed I am with you, as a human being, for such comments on people enjoying the mountains.


  8. John, why don't you come out of your cocoon and come along for a hillwalk? You might actually enjoy the non existent carnage you speak of.

  9. You sir are a legend.

  10. Lay off the furniture polish you weapon!

  11. Stick to the office job and leave the countryside to us! I will send you some toilet duck for Xmas!

  12. Hilarious troll job. Had a right good laugh at the second half of this blog post.

  13. Excellent stuff. As an avid hill walker I really appreciate your concerns for my safety. Thank goodness Scotland has men of vision.

  14. PS I suspect you are elderly. I read the other day that 'irony' is the opposite of 'wrinkly'. Keep up the good work.

  15. This letter tells us all we really need to know about Mr Douglas and The Sunday Post.
    Out of touch and irrelevant.

    1. If you read the rest of this blog I think you might find this is a wind up. And it's worked.