Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3rd of December 2013 - Haymarket Misery

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3rd of December 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,


It seems that scaremongering by the pedal cycling minority is now to further inconvenience Edinburghers and in particular those who are mobility challenged.

The closure of the taxi rank at Haymarket will impact those who have difficulty in walking to "nearby" cab ranks.

But if it saves one cyclist...

John Eoin Douglas


  1. The inconvenient TruthWed Dec 04, 09:08:00 AM GMT

    i find your blog amusing, as your poorly concealed vitriol agains cyclists and hypocritical commentary about grangemouth pollution being reduced but dont ban HGV's in london typical of someone who clearly cannot see the good in anything, or have any modicum of positivity, its all about how things that dont concern you, concern you. I hope the stress kills you. At least you would be happy at last. Your a pathetic excuse for a human being, not a christian bone in your body.

    1. Oh dear. Might it be possible that the inconvenient truth is that the writer of this comment is unable to see a tongue placed within a cheek?