Friday, August 3, 2012

3rd of August 2012 - Cold Cellar Turkey

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3rd of August 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,


I write in support of Scottish  Borders Tory MSP John Lamont in his opposition to the NHS's distribution of Naloxone kits designed to ameliorate the effects of heroin.

The NHS spends far too much money on nampy pamby liberal "solutions" to the willful recreational use of narcotic drugs.

The most effective solution is cheap, as I know from personal experience.

My wife was an addict before I met her but has now been "clean" for over thirty years. Being locked by her parents in a dank cellar with rats and the like for six months is not an experience that she would care to repeat. Which is why she will never touch drugs again as she is well aware that, were she so to do, she could expect the same "tough love" from me although, unfortunately, our abode does not have a cellar.

John Eoin Douglas

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