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15th of February 2012 - Rangers Realism

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15th of February 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,


Whilst it is always sad to see any business in financial difficulty, I really am surprised at the column inches (not to mention the wailing and gnashing of teeth) devoted to the present problems of Rangers Football Club.

As the club is neither a major employer nor essential to the Scottish or UK economies, one trusts that no public funds will be forthcoming to bail it out.

If Administration is unsuccessful, it may well be that the public interest is best served by liquidating the assets of the company in order to pay HMRC what they are due. Selling Ibrox off for housing development could maximise the exigible proceeds as the absence of football crowds on match days would certainly increase local property values to the benefit of residents and investors alike.

And, once grounds and players are disposed of, there will also be a residual value in the Rangers brand which, if major clubs like Manchester United are not interested, could be sold to another local club like Celtic.

John Eoin Douglas

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  1. I think that you have no idea about what football is really all about.

    Football is a national institution that has been going about far longer than you (I assume you are under 140 years old) and for someone like you to come along and deride a great club like Rangers and suggest the things that you have is totally out of order.

    Administrators have already said that Rangers will continue as a club. So politeness tells me where exactly you can go with your ideas.

    Goodbye John boy.