Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd of September 2011 - Tram Vision

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2nd of September 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,


Edinburgh Council's grudging decision to build the trams to St Andrew Square does not go far enough. Having suffered so much disruption, the people of Leith are entitled to see the whole scheme built.

Serious consideration should now be given to building the rest of the line using voluntary labour. After all, many miles of so called "preserved" railways (not to mention the Crich Tramway Museum) have had their lines laid or re-laid by volunteers and Leith Walk could soon resound to hordes of tram enthusiasts happily clinking away in their leisure hours with picks and shovels.

The Community Councils in Leith have amongst their members many persons of skill including retired civil engineers who I feel sure would be happy to contribute by supervising the project. It could also be an opportunity for persons subject to Community Service Orders to assist their community.

Judging from the previous progress made by the professionals, if a start was to be made before Christmas, the St Andrew Square - Leith section could be in service long before the portion running to the Airport.

John Eoin Douglas

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