Friday, November 19, 2010

19th of November 2010 - Wind Of Change

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19th of November 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,


It was gratifying to note that South Africa (whose Constitution protects homosexuals) was moved to support the United Nations vote this week to remove sexual orientation from a resolution calling on countries to protect the life of all people and to investigate extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions that are motivated by prejudice and discrimination.

It would seem that South African politicians have finally realised that appeasing the homosexualist lobby and accepting this perversion has led to many of the current fractures and ills in their society. In addition to removing favourable treatment for homosexuals from their Constitution, perhaps they will now also get round to reversing their 1961 adoption of Decimal Currency which most right thinking people see as the start of the slippery slope to untramelled liberalism.

John Eoin Douglas

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