Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9th of December 2009 - New And Old Tracks

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9th of December 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,


I must admit to having been rather disappointed by the newly laid tramway in Princes Street. For our money, I would have expected that the very least we could have expected in a "Heritage Area" was the reproduction in modern materials of the original cast iron overhead wire supports. Instead, TIE has erected some rather boring poles which may well be sufficient for Leith Walk but are hardly adequate to grace our main thoroughfare.

In passing, whilst all their contractors are twiddling their thumbs during the festive hiatus to construction work, has TIE given any consideration to asking a few of them to carry out a bit of care and maintenance on the short stretch of "original" track in Waterloo Place which includes a slotted rail for the moving cable which once propelled Edinburgh's trams. Having been relaid over half a century ago, the rails are getting somewhat rusty and could do with a polish whilst the slot would benefit from being jetted out. I doubt if cyclists could claim to be inconvenienced as the track ends at a traffic bollard.


John Eoin Douglas

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